Magic is Possible When the Science of Positive Psychology Unites With Exponential Technology

Summits have become a powerful means of convening some of the best minds, leaders, and storytellers worldwide. Inspired by exponential technologies and transformational leadership, founders Kunal Sood and Sony Mordechai, organized the first-ever annual Summit at the United Nations General Assembly Hall as a special event during the UN High Level Political Forum supported by UN DESA. The goal was to successfully unite the field of positive psychology with science and innovation to achieve the 17 UN Global Goals.

Founder and Co-Chair Kunal Sood has been invited to speak at his alma mater the University of Pennsylvania on October 22, to discuss his journey as to how he went about accomplishing this project, as well as lessons learned as it relates to his life’s work as a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) alumnus. Sharing the highs and lows and personal takeaways from the experience, Kunal hopes to inspire the incoming class of MAPP students with his story and share a vision for the future of how we can collectively unlock exponential happiness and transform our world.

WENDY DIAMOND Founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Reflections from a Novus Delegate

“I grew up in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India. During my global upbringing, I observed two cultures. One culture was stagnant and ingrained by deep-rooted traditions, religion and family heritage. The other culture was dynamic and ever-changing, being transformed by technology, business and media.

At a young age, I decided that I wanted to leverage this ever-changing culture to catalyze productive ideas. When I heard about a Summit at the United Nations that investigates the impact of exponential change of technology on humanity, discusses transformational leadership and mobilizes those values into action, I knew I needed to attend.

The Novus Summit inspired me to see the world differently. I was introduced to a plethora of ground-breaking ideas, which continue to shape my worldview. The day was perfectly orchestrated as a journey that gives a glimpse into the future and inspires everyone to play a part in it. In particular, David Robert’s remarks continue to ring in my mind and heart. Mr. Roberts is from Singularity University and spoke about how the bystander is the fulcrum in fixing humanity’s greatest crises. He bestowed upon the audience a power they didn’t know they had and left us energized to tackle to U.N’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Novus Summit is a breath of fresh air. Its content is groundbreaking and it’s masterfully curated. I hope that this incredible organization continues to create annual Summits and mobilize itself in the global community.”

SHIVIKA SINHA works at the intersection of conscious consumerism, mindful capitalism, business, and technology. She guides businesses on how to pivot towards sustainability and social good. Shivika serves as Director of Digital at Alex & Ani, a brand that creates eco-conscious jewelry and has donated over $36M to humanitarian causes.

VIKRAM GANDHI Filmmaker & Journalist


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